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About Us

Mastrogiacomo Engineering, P.C., located in Port Chester, NY, is a multidisciplinary consulting firm serving Real Estate Developers, Municipalities, and Property Owners in New York and Connecticut. Our experienced team of talented professionals consisting of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors possess a rich mix of licensure, certification, education, and experience providing our clients with all necessary disciplines required for analysis, design and permitting under one roof. With our talented team possessing creativity and experience, even the most complex project will go more smoothly than you thought possible. Since our founding in 2006, we have taken great joy in helping clients solve their most difficult problems.

Our clients range from local homeowners to developers and our projects include residential estate plans, subdivisions, multifamily residential developments, transit-oriented development, and commercial development. No matter the client, we treat each project with the time, energy, and know how it deserves. Whether projects entail steep slope analysis, stormwater modeling design, or residential or commercial remodeling or new construction, our goal is to provide innovative design solutions and personalized service. We strive to ensure that each project reflects our clients’ personality and needs in a manner that is unique and graceful, focusing on each project’s functionality and harmony with its surroundings.

Land Surveyors at construction site

Consulting Engineering

We provide a wide scope of Consulting Engineering Services for almost any project. Our experience has helped provide clients obtain approvals and permits for many types of projects.

Our Consulting Engineers are responsible for providing technical advice and services to our clients. We serve as the bridge between our clients and the contractors, translating the project requirements into technical drawings and specifications.

Our main goal is to ensure that the project is completed within budget, on time, and to the required quality standards. We’ll work closely with architects, contractors, and other stakeholders throughout the entire construction process, from project planning to execution. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, including structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering. With our guidance, construction projects can be completed safely, efficiently, and sustainably.

Land Surveying

We offer a variety of Land Surveying Services for almost any project including Titles, Staking, Subdivisions, Deeds and more.

With land surveying, property owners can prevent property boundary disputes and legal entanglements. By defining the exact limits of a property, surveying enables owners to make informed decisions about how to develop or use their land while adhering to zoning regulations.

Surveying is also essential for accurate topographic mapping, which can help in planning development projects such as highways, buildings, and drainage systems. Additionally, land surveying can ensure that land grading is accurate and that structures are aligned correctly, which can prevent structural damage and ensure public safety.

Land Surveyor equipment at construction site
Construction workers inspecting plans at site

Third Party Inspections

Mastrogiacomo Engineering, P.C. provides Third Party Inspection Services for projects that require observation during construction.

Our qualified field personnel perform construction observation for building construction, site, highway and utility projects. We review field conditions with the contractors, make informed decisions and record as-built data.

Mastrogiacomo Engineering, P.C. is also a Special Inspection Agency licensed with the New York City Department of Buildings.


“I had a piece of land that nobody believed was a producible lot. After michael worked on that for more than 3 years, due to delays caused by Covid 19, we were able to get the pre-approval!  I’m really excited and appreciate his work.”

~ Farhad G

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Land Surveyors at construction site
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